Book Review: Literary Cats by Heather Hacking

A delight for any cat lover; likewise those who love playing on words. Humourous and beautifully illustrated, this compilation of Literary Cats is guaranteed to raise a smile and a giggle.

Famous writers are subtly altered into cats, while their most famous works are changed slightly to give a cattish interest.

How about The Great Catsby by Fluff Scott Fitzgerald or A Hiss through the Looking Glass by Lewhiss Carroll?

What inspired Hairy Shelley’s Frankenstein and why did the fur fly when the Grunte sisters published The Tyrant of Wildcat Hall, Withering Slights and Jane Airhead?

Then there is JRR Tolkitten, Charles Katkins and Jane Pussten with a delightful drawing of Frizzy handbagging Mr Darcy in Purred and Prejudice.

And what of Alexandre Dormouse, author of The Three Mousequetieres with Purrthos, Hairthos, Arameece and Dog’tagnan; The Cat in the Iron Mouse and the Cat of Monte Cristo complete with the fury of a cat that someone had dared to lock in a castle with no catflap.

A wonderful collection which makes a perfect gift. It is hard to read it or look at the pictures without laughing. Some clever puns on words and titles while the drawings are beautifully done.

Alf Furred Lord Tennyson is shown sitting alongside a bad tempered but lovely Tabby of Shallott drifting along a river watched by a grinning frog while Barbara Catland is shown dressed in frilly pink, drinking champagne and holding a lapdog.

And as for the line drawings of Charles Katkins holding a Golden Litter tray while being hailed as a litter tray genius; and Hairywather offering Minnehaha moth kebab – the less said the better!

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