Book Review: Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch

In this uneven collection, award-winning designer Nicky Epstein focuses her attention on thirty-six hand knit gifts for the entire family. The projects range from a charming assortment of children’s hats like the Meow Kitty Cap to an odd All Heart Shawl created from a mix of different knit hearts that are overlaid and stitched together. It is doubtful that parents would feel comfortable having a set of miniature knitting needles perched atop their child’s hat as seen in the Li’l Knitting Angel so savvy knitters will want to rework the concept.

Most patterns are suitable for the beginning to intermediate knitter and include a complete materials list, row-by-row written instruction and finishing techniques. It is nice to see chart keys provided on the same page as the charts so knitters don’t have to keep flipping to the back of the book. Some of the designs seem bit outdated, a few others like Barkley’s Hat Scarf, a combination hat and scarf for your canine friend are just too impractical to be useful. These are countered by offerings like the charming Kitty Play Mat with mice or the lacey Sweet Socks which makes this a book you will want to examine closely before purchasing. Do check out the listing of charitable organizations that are always in need of hand-knit items.


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