Book Review: Knit to Be Square

Hoxbro follows her popular Domino Knitting book with this inventive collection of portable designs that simply begs knitters to dig into their stash of odds and ends. Using primarily the garter stitch and simple pick-up knitting from the previous piece, colorful blocks are folded, felted and stitched into slippers, caps, purses, pillows and more. Helpful numbered schematics clarify construction details of the more complex patterns. Detailed color photography allows knitters to examine block angles, textures and how each piece looks upon completion. These features make projects like the Four-Block Cap with a lovely stained glass feel, a snap to knit and assemble.

Especially fun are the incomplete squares and blocks which are actually “L” shapes that create a latticework when joined into blocks. When felted, these blocks gain a structural integrity and a sheer sense of fun that makes projects like the Abstract Stole shine. One of the exceptions to garter stitch projects is the striking Candy Stole which uses the stockinet stitch and a riot of bright colors. This project would be a perfect solution to all those snippets of luscious yarns that are hiding in the bottom of your knitting bag.

The overview of the required skills including weaving in tails is fairly complete although given the reliance on picking up stitches to build blocks; it would have been helpful to include illustrations of that technique. Hoxbro has done an admirable job of providing knitters with the tools they need to start their own exploration into modular knitting.

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