Book Review: Jewelry with a Hook

A little thread, a few beads and a crochet hook are all it takes to craft this contemporary collection of earrings, collars, broaches, bangles and more. Unlike most crochet jewelry books, this does not spend a great deal of time on lengthy introductions or basic stitches although there is a brief refresher section in the back. Divided into three project chapters, Taylor gets right to the good stuff with a collection of chokers, collars and necklaces ranging from the easy, funky Disc-O-Necklace to the elegant Irish Crochet Choker and an unusual Sculptural Necklace of leaves and pods.

Included in Adorn the Hand & Wrist chapter is a collection of covered bangles and simple rings as well as a couple of cuffs with the lacey Trellis design created from metallic embroidery floss. Most of the designs in the Lobes & Lapels chapter combine simple stitches with unexpected elements such as pearls or metallic threads to create elegant designs like the Silver Spirals earrings or the Hyperbolic Beads.

Anyone with a mastery of basic crochet stitches will find this collection well within their abilities. Clear, row-by-row instructions complete with the types of fiber used and finishing tips assure success. The designs will challenge beginning and intermediate crocheters while inspiring more experienced to create their own original ideas.  

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