Book Review: Jewelry Studio: Wire Wrapping

With the aid of detailed, close-up photography, the authors have done an excellent job of demystifying the art of creating wire jewelry. From the essential tools of the trade to exactly how to hold a set of pliers to lessen hand fatigue, beginners learn how to neatly bundle wire lengths to create a basic bracelet. In wirework as in so many things, the difference is in the details and it is here that this “how-to” book really excels. The step-by-step instructions are augmented by meticulous photos that show exactly what to do, how the different tools are used and what the pieces look like while under construction. The projects progressively build from the basic bracelet to the lovely bead embellished Bow Tie Bracelet before tackling the link construction of the Celtic Knot. Square, half round, twisted and patterned wires combined with assorted beads and set stones take your work to the next level yet are surprisingly easy to make. With the groundwork provided here, new and intermediate wireworkers will be able to produce their own designs with professional appearing results. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.

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