Book Review: Inspired to Knit

What inspires you to knit or better yet, design a knit garment? Ever wondered where or how designers come up with their ideas? If you answered yes to any of these questions then take a close look at Orne’s new book. She includes four mini-workshops covering inspiration sources, working with color, swatching, style and fit to jumpstart the creative process. The twenty-one patterns are arranged into four chapters, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, each introduced with the author’s musings about what that season brings to her creativity. The largely feminine collection uses a variety of techniques including lacework and cables worked in a broad range of yarn weights. Intarsia is used to create some outstanding jackets including the gently fitted “Walk in the Woods” worked in several colors to give the feeling of strolling down a forest path while the “Coral Roses” with its softly gathered sleeves evokes an English garden. Knitters could either use the suggested cable accents in the “Winter Wonderland” coat or better yet, use the basic pattern as a blank canvas to show off their own cable designs. The lovely, unabashedly feminine “Victorian Lace” blouse shows off the art of lace knitting in a garment that will take center stage at any special event.

These patterns are not geared to the beginning knitter although the clear instructions, careful charting and detailed photography put them well within reach of the intermediate knitter. The mini-workshops along with thoughtful pattern design just beg knitting groups to dive in with their own interpretations while individual knitters will certainly benefit from Orne’s thoughtful insights on the creative process.

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