Book Review: In Dreams by Shane Christopher

Going against every survival instinct, a young woman ventures to a basement address in an attempt to find the answers to her frightening dreams, what she finds is something else entirely. The police officers who responded to complaints of a foul smell would never be the same even after years of therapy, thus begins this descent into a nightmarish world where dreams really can kill.

Reporter Mari Kinsella’s attempts to learn more of the case appear to be stymied at every turn as the police are unwilling to release any of the gruesome details. Detective David Rodriguez is constantly reminded of his limitations due to a serious injury that left him with a damaged leg. One of those reminders is an unwanted partner in his investigation of the particularly disturbing torture/murder investigation of five apparent strangers. Good detective work by Mari and David eventually reveals a connecting thread between the five victims, each of them had been haunted by nightmares that eventually disrupted their daily lives. As investigative efforts continue, a new group of victims begins experiencing disturbing nightmares that leave them wondering where to draw the boundaries between deadly dreams and reality. 

This dark, disturbing read is told through the frequently disjointed narration of multiple characters. In this case, it’s an effective tool that keeps the tension building at an even pace as the story unfolds to its exciting conclusion that leaves one wondering if the nightmares are really over.

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