Book Review: I’m With Stupid

Kas has just found herself unceremoniously dumped by her two-timing boyfriend Richard, who apparently didn’t think it was important to mention he had a fiancée. As tempting as it is to lie around her New York apartment feeling sorry for herself, Kas has better things to do, like go to South Africa. Free tickets to an exotic destination are hard to turn down which is why Kas and her close friends Libby and Max are going on a short safari.

Their tour guide William is a scrumptious piece of eye-candy that draws the three friends to him like moths to a flame. Unfortunately for Max, William is straight and has his sights set on Kas. Libby meanwhile, is fending off the inappropriate affections of seventeen-year-old Manuel, heir to a fortune in tube socks. After a glorious night with William, Kas and her friends are off for the return trip home, never dreaming they would see him again.

When William loses his job, he remembers Kas’s off-handed invitation to come to New York, which is how she comes to have an unexpected houseguest. Although William entertains the notion of becoming a bestselling author, he clearly is lacking in the brains department. Kas quickly finds her life collapsing while Max continues to carry out his devious revenge against Richard and Manuel returns to pursue Libby with single-minded determination despite some uncomfortable revelations about his family fortune.

We’ve all heard the warnings about one night stands but seldom have they been as entertaining. Told with verve and quick wit, what also emerges is a delightful picture of just deserts, revenge and the value of good friends watching your back.


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