Book Review: How to Set His Thighs on Fire by Kate White

Gleaned from her seven years with the magazine, Cosmo editor-in-chief offers up 86 bits of advice on everything from erogenous zones to gaining better cleavage in this amusing “how-to” guide. Entertaining if a bit over the top, White insists wearing stilettos will make you instantly feel and look sexier, personally, I am unable to do more then worry about breaking a leg or my neck in a pair. The more down to earth advice on topics like making a first impression, make up, style tips and when to listen to your instincts are basic, general knowledge stuff with few surprises.

Most of the book is taken up with guys, their take on women and assorted sex tips, some that are quite simple and straightforward while others like getting a Brazilian wax job or running around the house naked are a stretch. It is funny reading how men just don’t notice assorted body flaws when faced with a naked woman and how we can exploit that blind spot to our advantage. Skim over the name-dropping, don’t look for anything life changing and just enjoy White’s amusing take on sex and the world.

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