Book Review: How to Marry a Ghost

Endowed with her fair share of neurosis, London-based ghostwriter Lee Bartholomew is perfectly content living vicariously through the adventures of her clients so it’s no surprise when she leaps at the opportunity to work on Shotgun Marriott’s autobiography. Shotgun, a former rock star has plenty of secrets and Lee wants to be the one to bring them to light. It is a timely assignment, as her mother wants Lee to attend the upcoming affirmation ceremony to be held on the beach near Shotgun’s Long Island home. Lee isn’t the only, writer looking to work with Shotgun, her rival; Bettina has made an appearance and has no qualms about taking plum assignments from Lee.  

Shortly after Lee’s arrival, a young man dressed in a wedding gown with a gaping hole in his chest is found washed up on the beach.  If Lee was stunned to learn the man was Shotgun’s son, that’s nothing to what she feels when Bettina is discovered dead on Shotgun’s property. There is a wealth of secrets surrounding the small community of Stone Landing and before Lee finishes the book, she will learn just how dangerous secrets can be.

McIntyre has created a convincing if dithering protagonist supported by nicely developed cast of characters and a convoluted though unsurprising plot through which, Lee attempts to sort through her personal issues and love interests.

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