Book Review: How to Make Friends with Demons

Bookseller William Heaney deals in rare manuscripts, some are genuine but the bulk of his trade are clever forgeries created by Stinx who has a real talent for the profession. William is unusual not because of the quality of books he sells but for his ability to see demons all around him, including in a beautiful woman who is intent upon building a relationship with him. Additionally, William’s ex-wife has happily remarried, his teenage son is turning into an insufferable snob and if the latest forgery isn’t completed soon, the homeless shelter he helps support will be closed. Life just keeps getting more complicated as consequences of the past come to haunt him making it increasingly difficult to do right.

Slower paced then the usual fantasy, Joyce depends on character development and dialog rather then paranormal creatures to carry the story and several nicely done subplots. The combination of damaged souls creates a convincing depth to this tale of good and evil as William struggles to do the right thing in the face of old mistakes and a host of demons.

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