Book Review: How not to be a Domestic Goddess

Martha Steward wantabes will want to avoid this like the plague, for the rest of us with lives, a sense of humor and no domestic staff or helpful partners, this book’s for you. Learn the fine art of domestic slovenliness from the “Queen of Idlers” who turns her attention to everything from food handling, including such helpful advice as never serving food before the expiration date as the absence of harmful bacteria could cause diarrhea or vomiting, to observations on giving up smoking. Discover how the New You doesn’t have a chance of making good on those well-intended New Year’s resolutions thanks to the efforts of the Old You.

Ross decodes the mysteries of children and teenagers, coping with holidays, health and fitness, fashion, men and more. Totally irreverent and outright hilarious, housework has never been so fun as Ross taps into those muttered rants, raves and vague suspicions we’ve been harboring all along. Now, thankfully, slobs of the world have an advocate.

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