Book Review: Hot Mama

Fiona Fine enjoys her success as an outrageous couture designer for the biggest names, the premier events of Bigtime, New York a city populated by a collection of superheros and ubervillains. Few people are aware of Fiona’s alter ego Fiera, capable of manipulating fire with a thought and one of the Fearless Five, a group of superheroes pledged to protect Bigtime. Yet for all her strength and success, Fiona still nurses a broken heart over the loss of Travis and no small amount of resentment toward Karma Girl, aka Carmen whose actions were directly responsible for his death. The last thing Fiona expected to find at Carmen’s wedding reception was a red-hot hunk of lovin in the form of Johnny Bulluci. He’s the only man she’s so much as looked at in a year and might just be able to help her get over Travis but can he get past Fiona’s secret identity as she battles a couple of nasty vixens. Of course, Johnny has his fair share of secrets complicating the picture as things heat up in this rapid paced paranormal romp.

Estep dispenses with the archtypical darkly brooding creature of paranormal romance in favor of smart, sassy, larger then life superheroes riddled with many of the same cares and shortcomings that afflict the average joe. The ubervillains are supremely techno-savvy and nasty enough to satisfy the most bloodthirsty reader. Laced with humor, Estep has come up with a winning combination that will certainly attract a loyal following.

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