Book Review: Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend by Francesca Simon

A collection of four short stories: Horrid Henry Peeks at Peter’s Diary, Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend, Horrid Henry goes Shopping, Horrid Henry’s Arch Enemy. All are easy to read aloud, or are suitable for a fairly confident reader to read themselves. Henry as always is getting in trouble – nothing ever happens quite the way it is supposed to do! It can spell disaster for those around him – for example, hearing that his little brother is about the read parts of his diary aloud in school, Henry sets out to make them more interesting. But what Henry regards as interesting can be extremely embarrassing for all concerned.

Accompanied by fantastic black & white drawings, the book is a joy to read. Horrid Henry has an irresistable appeal to everyone – child and adult alike! He is the child everyone is familiar with – irritating, annoying but you still cannot help laughing when he gets into yet another scrape. Not quite a devil in disguise but you cannot help wondering at times! No wonder he is so popular!

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