Book Review: Holy Yoga

Yoga practitioners have long enjoyed the health benefits of reduced stress levels, lower blood pressure and pain relief yet many devote Christians have the misconception that yoga is counter to God’s teaching. Boon, yoga instructor and founder of Holy Yoga begins by explaining what yoga is, the classic theories and philosophies behind it. Using assorted script passages and personal experience, the author shows how Christians can use yoga to enhance their faith. The most common Christian criticisms of yoga such as, it cannot be separated from the Hindu religion and opens one up to demonic influences, are addressed before looking at how to incorporate holy yoga into busy schedules. Ample attention is given to proper breathing techniques and meditation before learning a nice variety of postures, each illustrated with a simple line drawing and clear written instructions. An included fifty minute DVD further demonstrates proper technique as Boon goes though a complete yoga class. There are several excellent, more comprehensive yoga texts available but few address the concerns of practicing Christians to this extent. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.