Book Review: Hell With the Ladies by Julie Kenner, Kathleen O’Reilly, Dee Davis

What happens when Lucifer, prince of darkness decides it is time to retire? Well of course, he isn’t going to simply hand over the keys of Hell to one of his three illegitimate sons without testing them first. Certainly Lucifer never dreamt how troublesome three mortal women would prove to be as one by one, his sons succumb to their charms.

As the eldest, Jack is a shoo-in as the heir apparent, he runs a wildly successful Vegas casino which snags plenty of souls in addition to turning healthy profits. Jack is offended by the need for further testing to prove his worth but there’s no arguing with his father. Besides the test seems pretty easy, how difficult can it be to get a musty old book?

Jack failing his test seems like a dream come true for painter Nick, finally he has a chance to prove his competence and win the keys to the kingdom at the same time. All he has to do is steal a soul, after years of doing just that it’s a task he should excel at until he realizes the soul to be stolen belongs to the woman of his dreams.

Marcus is a professional thief who takes considerable pride in doing things the hard way. Pulling off daring heists without using his diabolical powers is a marvelous adrenaline rush. When dear old Dad demanded he locate a lost ruby, “The Devil’s Delight” Marcus sees it as the prefect way to finally top his older brothers.

This is an amusing premise which failed to live up to its potential. Kathleen O’Reilly’s “Jack” is a sadly formula offering with little imagination, “Nick” by Julie Kenner is only slightly better. “Marcus” by Dee Davis is nicely done with a decent storyline and although the ending offers no surprises, it’s still light years ahead of the first two. 


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