Book Review: Havana Blue by Leonardo Padura

An unusual detective story set in Havana. Something of an anti-hero; Lieutenant Mario Conde is asked to investigate the disappearance of Rafael Morin. Morin is a high level manager in a Cuban ministry, involved with the export/import business and has contacts with the foreign businessmen. 

Worse still, Morin had a habit of getting exactly what he wanted – even Conde’s girlfriend back in their student days. Investigating the disappearance brings Conde and his ex girlfriend back into contact; highlighting the gulf in lifestyles that now exists. What is the truth behind Morin’s disappearance? Conde moves at a steady pace to solve the mystery, hindered at times by government functionaries. 

There are interesting highlights of life in Cuba both high and low. A fair story, but one which did not always keep my attention.

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