Book Review: Greeting Cards Galore

Cards are used to celebrate special occasions such birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc. so why not make these moments truly special with a beautifully handcrafted little work of art. Filled with more then 45 projects including a combination Christmas card and tree ornament, a maple leaf pin and card along with an assortment of simple but effective watercolor pieces, these cards will be treasured keepsakes.

After an introduction to the necessary supplies and techniques, the authors get into the fun stuff beginning with simple birthday cards that use commonplace materials such as colored price tags in unusual ways. Full sized photocopier friendly patterns make reproducing the pieces shown much easier although the timid may find it difficult to replicate the painted details. Most readers will likely want to practice their watercolor techniques on scrap paper before attempting to paint on card stock. It is especially nice to see the envelopes receiving the same careful consideration and care as the cards inside.

Stamping, embossing, stenciling, collage, painting and more are brought together with clear instructions that will have beginners to creating memorable special occasion cards while providing inspiration to more experienced crafters.


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