Book Review: German Design for Modern Living

Spare clean lines, effective color usage and function are hallmarks of German interior design elements as evidenced by this comprehensive design guide. A chronology of more then 170 classic designs begins with Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s park benches and chairs of the 1830’s and concludes with Performa’s functionally elegant Nuf cabinet system. The last third of the book is made up of an encyclopedic listing of the most innovative and influential manufacturers and designers who have changed how the world looks at furnishings. Everything from coffee makers to light switches, offices chairs to teapots and so much more, have been revolutionized and refined by the Bauhaus ideals.

This is a fascinating look at the history of German modernistic design presented with more then 1000 full color photos along with a brief description of the basic design elements and construction. Most folks will instantly recognize some of the many iconic chair, tableware and coffee table designs and may, for the first time, realize where they originated. An invaluable guide for any student of modern interior design.

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