Book Review: G is for One Gzonk! An Alpha-Number-Bet Book

G is for One Gzonk! An Alpha-Number-Bet Book, written and illustrated Tony DiTerlizzi, is a clever and up-beat take on the traditional alphabet children’s book, but it might be a little over some tikes’ heads.

While grown-ups can certainly appreciate the humor that goes with DiTerlizzi’s zany text and illustrations, some children might not find it all that funny. My seven year old forced a laugh or two after I explained some of the illustrations (oh, look, the numbers want to be in this book, too), but my three old grew bored and walked away.

The book goes through the whole alphabet with Dr. Suess-like rhymes and creature illustrations, and there are some laughs when a few of the letters are misplaced. Also, there are humorous ‘footnote’ like additions to the illustrations that can be read with the rhyming text.

However, I found the whole book a bit lengthy. Children might grow bored before getting to the end. As a parent, I want a book that can be read for bedtime, and this one would certainly stretch out the night time story routine. My tongue is still tied trying to read some of those words (example—try saying “striped and squirty swizzle-whizzle” three times).

If you are a fan of Dr. Seuss-like craziness or your children are, you might give this one a try. If not, you probably wouldn’t be missing anything by passing it by. Or better yet, check it out at your local library before buying it.

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