Book Review: Forget About It

Twenty-five year old Jordan Landau does not like to make trouble, as a result she finds herself being treated like a doormat by everyone from her shrewish mother and half sister Samantha to that deadbeat of a boyfriend Dirk. Bosses and coworkers think nothing of stealing Jordan’s ideas as their own while running down her job performance at every opportunity. Just when things couldn’t get much worse, Jordan discovers Dirk cheating on her just moments before an accident sends her to the hospital with head trauma. Rather then resuming her old life, Jordan decides to fake amnesia with the assistance of her best friend Todd in an attempt to start over with a clean slate. At first, her plan works flawlessly but things begin getting out of hand when Travis, the man responsible for her accident turns out to be really nice and a freak accident causes genuine amnesia. Before long, Jordan finds herself recreating her life for real and with the support of her two best friends, learns to reach for those things that really matter.

In the wake of Stupid and Contagious, this light chick-lit uses that same vein of humor which eventually wears thin as the main protagonist remains annoyingly spineless. Although the storyline of fake, then real amnesia, unrequited love and new love discovered was interesting enough, the antagonists eventually become too tiresome to be effective although the wedding day showdown leaves one cheering while wondering why Jordan took so long to wise up

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