Book Review: For Heaven’s Eyes Only

Green makes liberal use of James Bond references in his fifth book of the Secret Histories series that finds Eddie Drood and his witchy lover Molly Metcalf pitted against a deadly foe bent upon taking over all humanity. After one of their own members killed the Drood clan Matriarch, several dark forces saw that as a golden opportunity to further their agenda while the clan was effectively without a leader. Eddie gains the assistance of the Armourer and the Librarian to sift through clues regarding the Great Sacrifice aided by a talented telepath. With humanity’s future in the balance, a bitter betrayal could be the deciding factor in the Satanic Conspiracy.

Filled with the wit readers have come to expect of Green, this lightening fast tale includes a fun batch of characters. The Himalayas, a paranormal weapons black market and several battles capture your attention and doesn’t let go. The plot twists make up for the repetitive descriptions and the many grammatical and spelling errors that slipped through the editing process.


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