Book Review: Fear

Edited by the father of scary children’s stories, Stine presents this delightfully chilling collection of thirteen short tales featuring more then just vampires. From Stine comes a series of twists on an initiation challenge that leaves readers guessing, did he or didn’t he. Heather Graham serves up a Halloween treat where the hunter unexpectedly becomes prey and although most readers will see through the plot from the first, its still fun seeing how it plays out. A babysitter with a knack for soothing a troubled yet talented blind boy is the subject of Ryan Brown’s “Jeepers Peepers” while the babysitter in Jennifer Allison’s “The Perfects” discovers the family has a taste for exotic meat.

Though marketed for younger readers, adults may enjoy the plot twists and surprises of these imaginative quick-to-read tales which are just the ticket for getting in the mood for Halloween
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