Book Review: Eye of the Beholder

Greer Sands and her seventeen year old son Joshua just moved from overcrowded Beverly Hills to a quiet L.A. suburb to be close to Eye of the Beholder, the new salon her and business partner Dario just opened. From childhood, Greer could see and sense things about some of the people she encountered, a gift her mother claimed one woman in each generation possessed. As a teenager, the gift left Greer with a deep-seated guilt for not having done anything that might have saved her closest friend from a brutal, deadly attack. As an adult, Greer has tried to keep her abilities low key, using them to assist clients in stress relief but on opening day at the new salon, she senses the darkness clouding a woman’s life. In short order Greer picks up the distinct aura of black surrounding a troubled teenaged neighbor girl and worse, that same black presence is reaching for Joshua who eventually begins manifesting his own psychic gifts. It soon becomes clear that Greer will have to summon every bit of her unusual abilities to keep new friends, neighbors and her son safe from the evil that stalks their quiet neighborhood.

Steady pacing, a dash of the paranormal and well-developed characters help keep this thriller on track although even with an assortment of strong antagonists to choose from, Shattuck failed to deliver a surprise ending which is a bit disappointing.

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