Book Review: Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

As a cripple, twelve-year-old Eon knows he has little chance at being chosen by the Rat Dragon during the upcoming ceremony yet if he is not; it will bring ruin to his master and most certainly send him to servitude in the salt mines. After suffering an ambush on the ceremonial sands, Eon watched helplessly as the Rat Dragon chose a different candidate. Yet that was not the end, after missing for 500 years, the Mirror Dragon appeared before the gathered assembly and chose Eon has it’s Dragoneye.

The unprecedented reappearance of the Mirror Dragon immediately thrusts Eon into a dangerous life of political interque, power plays and tenuous alliances. Now is not the time for Eon to reveal his dangerous secret, for he is no boy but instead, an intelligent sixteen-year-old girl. Girls are not thought capable of serving as a Dragoneye, such a deception would be rewarded with a grizzly public death so Eon has little choice but to continue the charade. Yet that charade comes with a steep price as the Mirror Dragon has not given Eon its name, thus withheld the ability to call upon its power when needed.

Ido, a power hungry Dragoneye working with High Lord Sethon seek to overthrow the current Emperor. As Eon is swept into imperial politics, she must choose sides while keeping her true identity hidden and uncover the key to the Mirror Dragon’s power before that power is taken away from her.

Written for young adults, this complex, richly envisioned tale will appeal to fantasy lovers of all ages. Incorporating elements of the hero’s quest with closely guarded secrets, ancient texts, mythical beasts and compellingly realistic political machinations, Goodman has created a gem. The action carries readers on a wild ride as Eon attempts to balance doing what is right with keeping herself alive against mounting odds. A richly developed historical and cultural background combined with turbulent current affairs makes this is more then a coming of age tale, this is fantasy writing at its best.

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