Book Review: Entertaining with the Sopranos as compiled by Carmela Soprano, written by Allen Rucker

If you loved the HBO series and even if you didn’t, you’ll get a chuckle out of this frequently down to earth take on entertaining with panache. Filled with practical advice about hosting events ranging from baptisms to graduations, adult birthday parties to wakes and everything in between, this is a resource that will be used again and again. Interwoven throughout the sound advice are photos and mementos from the Soprano family and associates which are more then enough to keep fans of the series happy. Add over 75 terrific, approachable recipes which make use of accessible ingredients and you have a winner.

Take graduation for instance; there is information on creating electronic invitations, picking out the right music, party theme selection and my favorite, “Rules on Giving of Money.” The graduation recipes include a delicious Stromboli bread, little chicken meatballs and an almond roll elegant enough for a fancy luncheon.

In the “Small Events for Men Only” chapter you will find a full page dedicated to the finer points of expensive cigars, the low-down on poker etiquette, grappa, and medicine cabinet essentials in addition to recipes for three kinds of heroes. Observations on what to expect when hiring a stipper are short, honest and funny.

There is something for everyone in this lighthearted view of life’s celebrations, sit down, savor and when you’re done try some lemon ice or pull out all the stops and bake the baci cake, they’re both winners.

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