Book Review: Emotionally Engaged

The big day came, the man of your dreams proposed and now you’re engaged. This is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life, so why are you so miserable? Psychotherapist Moir-Smith began questioning what was really going on when she faced her own pre-wedding jitters and discovered there is more to this rite of passage then meets the eye. Using what she learned from her own engagement anxiety and the experiences of hundreds of brides from coast-to-coast, the author has developed an effective, three-stage process to assist would-be brides through one of the most emotionally trying transitions of their lives.

By examining the reasons for the emotional rollercoaster, potential brides can avoid becoming “bridezilla” while learning how their upcoming marriage will affect their friendships, family relationships and much more. Moir-Smith also addresses whether you should go through with the wedding by providing invaluable questionnaires designed to raise red flags that indicate perhaps this marriage isn’t right for you. This down to earth, often humorous look at engagement is filled with antidotes that prove beyond any doubt that bridal jitters are natural and should be mandatory reading for every bride-to-be.

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