Book Review: Double Cross

If Alex Cross thought retired life with new love interest Detective Brianna Stone, Bree for short, was going to be quiet he had another thing coming. A romantic camping trip comes to an abrupt end when Bree receives a phone call summoning her back to DC. to work the murder scene of a prominent author. It quickly becomes clear that the murderer staged to event for an audience and before long, more carefully staged murders are taking place. Dubbed the DC Audience Killer, he not only performs his heinous crimes to a crowd, he also has a website with a live video cam to document it all and he is not working alone. Locked in a Colorado super maximum-security prison, mastermind Kyle Craig has plotted the impossible escape and once he’s free, Alex will have to watch his back as he was instrumental in getting Kyle off the streets. Alex finds himself dragged back to work, attempting to unravel the case as the killers leave maddening clues and draw closer to all he holds dear.

On the heels of You’ve Been Warned comes an enjoyable though improbable thriller with plenty of deception, misplaced hero worship and revenge from one of the most prolific mystery writers going. Many of the plot twists won’t come as much of a surprise to fans of the genre although it is interesting to see how Patterson ties all the characters together in this briskly paced addition to the Cross series. The developing relationship between Alex and Bree and Kyle’s freedom will undoubtedly figure prominently in upcoming installments.

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