Book Review: Doomwyte

Master storyteller Jacques returns to the small, magical world of Redwall with a tale of stolen treasure. Long ago, Gonff the Prince of Mousethieves crept into a dark cavern and discovered a macabre group that revered the Great Doomwyte Idol. Set on an island, the hideous statue had large bejeweled eyes, two of rubies and two of emeralds. True to his nature, Gonff stole the jewels, made good his escape and presented the gems to his wife who begged him to hide the evil things.

Korvus Skurr, leader of the underground raven cult has sworn to locate and restore the gems to their rightful place. Setting out a network of spies, Korvus maintains a watch over the Redwallers hoping to find someone with information about the eyes. Meanwhile, young Bisky and a collection of friends including rabbits, moles and squirrels begin solving a series of riddles that will send them on hair raising underground adventures. If the Redwallers are to prevail against the dark forces led by Skurr and Balis, Bisky will have to forge alliances with the Gonfelin and Guosim tribes. It won’t be easy but then, nothing good ever is and certainly few things are more difficult then growing up.

Although this charming story is marketed as a young adults book, it will doubtlessly appeal to fantasy readers of all ages. It is an epic tale of good verses evil that plays out with a large cast of well-developed, endearing animal characters and a nicely executed storyline. Readers new to the Redwaller series can jump right in and enjoy the quick pace and share the sense of discovery with Bisky and friends.

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