Book Review: Dog Eats Dog

Ex-con Philip Dixon knew the bank heist was doomed to failure from the start, that’s why he had a fallback plan, independent from his bungling associates. What he hadn’t counted on was getting shot, covered in gas and being spotted by state troopers early in the game. A chance opportunity delivered Dixon to a small New Hampshire college town where a bit of window peeping revealed a middle-aged man’s indiscretion with a high school girl.
Dixon uses that information to blackmail Professor Elias White into keeping him hidden for two weeks. Of course the bagful of money Dixon grabbed in the bank robbery helped ease a few of White’s moral qualms.

Underappreciated FBI agent Denise Lupo has been assigned to the bank robbery case and as the trail leads her north, ends up closer to the suspect then she knew. As for the ambitious Professor White, he’s a quick study, taking advantage of every opportunity to the point where one has to wonder who the real criminal is.

Large on wit, stark emotion and clever dialog, Levison delivers a taut crime story that will leave readers questioning where the real criminals are.

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