Book Review: Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom

With word of their grandfather’s disappearance, twelve-year-old Brian Wilde and his ten-year-old sister Wren were off on another breakneck adventure with their gifted father and his two trusty sidekicks. Attacks by bizarre frogs and frogmen tie in with a mysterious emerald carving and the photo of a hidden cave lead the family deep into the South American rain forest. Doc Wilde and kids locate their grandfather being held within the bowels of an enormous cave system. Finding grandfather was easy, now they must beat incredible odds in a do or die effort to derail impending threat from deadly creature in a parallel dimension who has designs on Earth and all else in this universe.

Geared to the youth market, this rock’em, sock’em cliffhanging adventure includes a kid’s wish list of treats. There’s the main residence with a fully equipped gym and assorted monkey bars but even better, Brian and Wren must jump or tumble their way into their bedrooms, ascend a climbing wall to reach their beds with giant slides to transport them throughout different parts of the house. With all that, who wouldn’t want to be these kids? However, action adventure is just the tip of the iceberg because this book is actually crammed full of interesting and dare we say it, educational tidbits like what it means to be a cold-blooded animal. Parents, don’t be surprised if you find yourselves enjoying this fun pulp fiction just as much as your kids.

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