Book Review: Deep Inside

This review contains adult material that might be considered inappropriate for younger readers or those with delicate sensibilities. Now that I have the attention of every teenager cruising the internet, Frost has combined erotica with some inventive twists in ten short stories that will alternately gross out and turn on readers. “The Pleasure Invaders” feature addictive alien sex with the Serzan, a race with agenda of its own while “Deep Inside” takes dildos and paybacks into some kinky, sinister directions. Certainly not to everyone’s taste but stories like “Viagra Babies” and “The Dominatrix Has a Career Crisis” have interesting characters, powerful villains and plenty of scintillating action. It must be said that this reviewer doesn’t typically do erotica but as this collection features a paranormal twist, decided to give it look. Nearly everyone has an active fantasy life but clearly, Frost’s is more creative then most as demonstrated by this collection. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.