Book Review: Death of a Gentle Lady

For years the good people of Lochdubh, a sleepy little highlands village had been trying to get confirmed bachelor Constable Hamish Macbeth married off. Reporter Elspeth Grant and the beautiful but cold Priscilla Halburton-Smythe had come close to getting Hamish down the aisle but this time, in a desperate bid to keep his threatened station, he was marrying Ayesha Tahir, a stunning foreign student with an expired visa. No one had to know it would be a matter of convenience, Hamish would get to keep the police station open and Ayesha would get to remain in Scotland instead of returning to Turkey. Hamish was as surprised as the villagers when Ayesha stood him up at the altar and within days, her former employer the charming Mrs. Gentle was found dead. Some detective work reveals some uncomfortable facts about Ayesha who was not what she seemed and neither was Mrs.Gentle. Hamish finds himself being judged and ill-treated by the citizens he has faithfully served for years while sorting through the increasingly complex murder investigation. Blair, Hamish’s immediate supervisor has worked hard at undermining the constable at every turn and finally allowed his animosity to overrule good sense. In a delightfully cunning piece of backstabbing, Hamish manages to turn the tables on Blair, at least temporarily and hang on to his bachelorhood as well as his home while solving a series of murders in a tale where nobody is quite what they seem.

Yet another engaging murder mystery in this extremely popular series that finds Hamish sweating out how to keep the police station open and provide a home for his beloved pets in the face of mounting pressure, this time without the community support he has come to rely on. Adroit observation and a keen intellect keep Hamish on track as he copes with two ex-girlfriends in this well plotted, entertaining return the to Scottish Highlands featuring a couple of lively twists. Brew up a lovely Irish coffee or pour a smooth single malt, find a quiet place and curl up with some old friends.

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