Book Review: Death: A Life

Tired of being misrepresented, maligned and misunderstood, Death decided to come forward with his side of the story in this “tell-all” memoir that will leave you laughing. The progeny of Satan and Sin, Death went through his childhood, a misfit in hell with no idea what his calling in life was to be. When Satan discovered God’s latest project he returned to Hell, gathered up the family and beat feet to earth where he proceeded to enjoy messing with the innocent creatures of the garden.

Death stumbled upon his purpose when a unicorn had its brains bashed in and with all the incredibly stupid animals running around, found himself quite busy. Eventually Death suffered a career crisis while getting high on Life, went through a difficult bout of rehab and discovered there is Death on other worlds.

Pendle takes liberties with classic mythologies, artwork and religion in this hilariously irreverent take on Death. Discover how mosquitoes were tricked into becoming the nasty little blood suckers we know today, the humble beginnings of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse when they were known as Skirmish, Allergy and Going to Bed Without Any Supper, view a panel depicting ancient Sumerians with a battle typewriter and a bottle of White-Out and more. Python and Little Britain fans are sure to enjoy this as will anyone looking for some light entertainment poking fun at life, death and world religions.

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