Book Review: Dead Shot

Gillian Gray remains haunted by the now 20-year-old murder of her famous mother and seeks closure. Tired of being shadowed by the brutal slaying, Gillian has become an up and coming name in the art world with her highly controversial photography. Using herself as the model, the latest exhibition features a series of deathscapes that generate a firestorm of demonstrations particularly in her hometown of Nashville. Such controversy is just fine with Gillian as the whole point of the exhibit is to taunt her mother’s murderer into revealing himself.

When Gillian’s wealthy grandparents hire a bodyguard, ex-cop Ray Pierce to keep her safe, he figures it should be an easy assignment. That was before someone tried to douse Gillian with blood during the show’s opening night followed by her openly challenging the murderer with a “come and get me” statement to reporters. In short order it becomes clear the message was received as someone begins using Gillian’s photos to create their own grizzly works of “art” using murdered women. Tension quickly mounts as these two damaged souls engage in a deadly game that will eventually reveal long buried family secrets. The growing love developing between Ray and Gillian makes a warm counterpoint to the darker aspects of the story while allowing their characters room to grow. Overall, this is a good thriller that delivers plenty of suspense spiced with a reasonable dose of romance.

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