Book Review: Dead Horsemeat by Dominique Manoutti

Not to be missed. A brilliant story, well plotted and it positively races along. Set in the world of French horseracing, the fast paced story is a complex plot involving corruption, bribary, dodgy company takeovers, drug trafficking, political intrigue and more!

The settings are too various to name but include the Elysee Palace, race courses and a transvestite brothel in Munich. Gay police chief Dacquin is reknowned for his stubborn tenacity in getting to the truth. So when he is appointed to investigate a murder at the races, a lot of people start getting worried.

Attempts to divert his attention (including being taken off the case) make Dacquin and his team even more determined. What is the secret behind the fortune of a French property developer? Why are second and third rate horses being sold for large fortunes in Italy? Why are racing stables being burnt to the ground?

The characters really get under your skin as you read. You sympathise with them – both good and bad. A story which keeps your attention until the very last page, even when wincing at the violence.

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