Book Review: Dark Assassin by Anne Perry

The latest offering in the Victorian Inspector Monk series. Financial problems have caused Monk to rejoin the police force, this time in the river police. He sees a man and a woman fall to their deaths from a bridge over the Thames. The dead woman, Mary Havilland, had been on a quest to clear her father’s name.

James Havilland had been convinced that a major disaster was about to happen in the new sewer systems being built underneath Victorian London. Was his death all that it seemed? Half way through, the tension really starts mounting and Perry gets back into her stride as a good mystery writer.

There are some nice twists in the tale once it comes to the courtroom scenes – is the villain really who everyone thinks he is? I found the story initially a bit slow, as there seemed to be too much scene setting and focusing on Monk’s emotions. But, a story worth perservering with as it gets much better in the second half of the book.

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