Book Review: Crochet Stitch Motifs

Harmony Guides have long been the stitch reference to reach for when searching for clarification or tracking down just the right textured knit or crochet stitch and happily, these are worthy additions to the family. Crisp color photography provide a clear picture of exactly what each motif looks like while both written and charted instructions allow readers to select which method works best for them. Many of the 250 motifs are shown worked using several colors which serves to illustrate the textures while generating visual interest.

Mixed in with the old standbys are some truly lovely new motifs like the heavily textured Six-Point Snowflake or the lacey Grape Leaf, which would be stunning worked in fine colored wire as a pin. The degree of difficulty ranges from variations of the ubiquitous Granny Square suitable for children to intricate, advanced designs like Five Branches as well as motifs like the Wasp Medallion that look complicated but aren’t.

Basic information like stitches and their variations, gauges, color usage, abbreviations and chart keys round out this latest and perhaps best, reprinting of a treasured friend.

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