Book Review: Crochet Me

Crochet is hot and its popularity continues to grow as designers young and old are discovering how adaptable it is. Different fibers, stitches and clever combinations put a fresh twist on an often-maligned technique as this collection of eighteen trendy designs demonstrates. Inspired by the community of designers that grew up around, Werker has selected designs that are sure to change how fiber artists view crochet. The majority of patterns like the Mini Wrap Skirt, funky Thigh High mesh stockings or richly textured Babydoll Dress will appeal to the younger set although there are some “timeless” designs such as the Victorian Shrug & Wrap and the Icelandic Turtleneck with matching armwarmers. The Mesmerize Sweater with its swirling lines echoed in the broad sleeves and the Leaves Sweater with its hem of “leaves” are a couple of the more innovative designs.

Although the directions may look intimidating to the beginner, taken round at a time, there are few designs that aren’t well within reach of most crocheters. Designer profiles introduce readers to the faces behind the designs while technical notes provide information about different crochet types, blocking, gauges, reading stitch diagrams and more. The patterns feature Interweave’s comprehensive materials and stitches list with full schematics and row-by-row instructions along with a few stitch diagrams. The abbreviations key will help decode the instructions while the fully illustrated glossary covers basic stitches, finishing and seaming. Check out the list of crochet websites and suppliers in the back as there are hours worth of happy surfing to be found but then that takes time away from crocheting.

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