Book Review: Count to Ten

Chicago Fire Department Lieutenant Reed Solliday has seen a lot in his years with the force yet the nasty house fire complete with a badly charred body in the kitchen left him shook up. With the owners out of town, the house supposedly empty except for the cat being taken care of by a young college student, evidence quickly points toward arson. The discovery of a bullet lodged in the body turns the case into a homicide investigation. As a result, Solliday finds himself teamed up with brash police detective Mia Mitchell just returned to active duty after a shooting incident that left her partner in critical condition and the perp still running the streets. Sparks fly between these two strong personalities as they attempt to find the links between the incinerated houses with their grim contents and adjust to a new partnership. It’s a game of wits as the arsonist turns the tables on the investigators even as the attraction between Solliday and Mitchell heats up.

A rapid fire read with comfortable casting including a repeat appearance by Mitchell, a rough and tumble old veteran with his sweet natured but rebellious teenaged daughter. The antagonist is nicely developed with creepy looks into a seriously twisted mind that will leave one feeling unsettled. Assorted family issues, past and present allow for strong character development as the subplots come together for a satisfying conclusion.

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