Book Review: Cold Pursuit By Judith Cutler

Chief Superintendent Frances Harman is asked to oversee an investigation into a spate of ‘happy slappings’ and sexual assaults on minors in the Kent area. She quickly becomes closely involved with the case – especially when Jill, her friend and colleague falls down stairs and breaks a leg. 

Then local TV reporter Dilly Pound, seeks help dealing with a stalker. The situation becomes even more complex when a pornographic internet site is discovered involving boys from a local school – and one of the boys happens to be the Chief Constable’s son. 

Much delicate manouvreing is required in order to catch the perpetrators – young and old. What are the connections between the various crimes? And what of Jill’s son Rob who also attends the local school – how far is he involved? Initially a bit slow, the pace picks up as the story gets more complex and more interesting. 

An unusual story, reflecting current concerns within society. The various characters are well drawn, especially the school boys ranging from the slob, the victim through to the well bred villain of the piece. Well crafted and a fair read which does not demand too much concentration.

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