Book Review: Chocolate-A Healthy Passion

Chocoholics celebrated news that chocolate is actually good for you; now learn more about the benefits and history of the mighty cacao bean. If you thought you knew how to taste chocolate, guess again as the authors explain how to truly appreciate it to the fullest. Be the most popular person in the office by learning how host a chocolate tastings that reveals the differences in regions or varieties. Chocolate was once as highly prized as gold, served as currency, replaced wine as the favored beverage and was offered to the Gods to name a few of the historical highpoints.

Chocolate also has been seen as a way of maintaining or restoring health and been used to treat a diverse list of ailments including tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, ulcers and flatulence, it was relied upon to assist women in labor and thought to nourish the unborn. Learn how cocoa butter, the essential ingredient in chocolate bars is extracted from the beans, what distinguishes the different types of chocolate and so much more. Fascinating tips, facts and recipes are scattered throughout the text along with little known information like the different minerals found in different chocolates so each page is a new adventure. The recipes not only include the typical bars, fudge and better-then-sex cakes but even more interesting are the lip balms, soaps, shampoos and bath gels.

The authors have done an excellent job of melding the latest research and historical tidbits into a guided tour through the rich world of chocolate that will instill a new appreciation for this favorite flavor. Much of the information cited came from Hershey’s so those interested in learning even more might do well to check out their website. And while you’re surfing the web, be certain to have a nice cup of cocoa because after all, it’s good for you.


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