Book Review: Caveman’s Guide to Baby’s First Year

This follow-up to The Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion, written by the same knowledgeable authors, is packed cover to cover with amusing illustrations, captivating humor and the latest information to assist the densest unibrow daddy. From the indispensable guide to baby talk including such gems as Ahhh means “My latest diaper masterpiece is now ready for viewing” to sage advice for finding time to reconnect as a couple, new dads will find this a valuable resource to be consulted frequently.

Whether the new father is wondering about the magic of breast-feeding, at what age his youngster should be crawling or how to cope with a colicky baby, the answers to these and so much are presented with equal portions of wit and realism. Don’t be surprised to find your cavemate slipping peeks at this baby owners handbook as it really is a delight and would make a welcomed gift for new parents.

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