Book Review: Catligula by Robin Price

Another installment in the chequered life of Spartapuss. Now a free cat rather than a slave, Spartapuss has to find a way of making a living – and it is not easy. He eventually becomes scribe to the dreaded Catligula, the crazy emperor of Rome. The Spraetorian Guard involve Spartapuss in a plot to destroy Catligula once and for all  – but can Spartapuss go through with it? 

To make matters worse, the collars of Spartapus and Catligula are magically linked. The consequences either way for Spartapus could be dire: into the frying pan or into the fire? Lively and funny this world of Spartapus is very entertaining.

Every child (and adult) will enjoy this story of a six clawed cat. Set in an alternate universe where Rome is ruled by talking cats and humans have no place at all; it gives an entirely new slant on Roman history! Characterisation is good. Spartapuss is very believable and you can really sympathise with him. Worth reading.

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