Book Review: Catalog Living At It’s Most Absurd

Inspired by Erdman’s wildly popular blog, this laugh out loud funny book pokes fun at those over-the-top, glossy interior decorating catalogs. You know the kind, they show amazingly appointed rooms designed to make you feel inadequate while at the same time making you wonder, do people actually live that way? Thus the creation of Gary and Elaine, a richer then rich couple with nothing better to do then obsess about their prodigious home as illustrated by hilarious captions to those home furnishing catalog photos. From “deflowering the living room” to rusted corrugated siding, bizarrely organized fruit to piles of rocks, toys or untitled books; all manner of absurd decorating schemes are “explained” by the hosts. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, baths and more are treated to liberal doses of wit and sarcasm that will likely change how you view those trendy catalogs while enjoying a good laugh at the marketing ploys.
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