Book Review: Brass Verdict

Connelly’s latest, action packed detective thriller pits defense attorney Mickey Haller against LAPD detective Harry Bosch as they both search for answers regarding a couple of murders. Haller inherited the practice of fellow defense lawyer Jerry Vincent, found murdered in a garage shortly before he was to defend double murderer and famed Hollywood producer, Walter Elliot. All Vincent’s case notes along with his laptop computer have vanished from the crime scene.

Accused of killing his wife and her lover, Elliot inexplicably refuses a continuance that would allow Haller valuable time to familiarize himself with the case. As Haller attempts to make sense of the case, he must rely upon a support network to keep him from backsliding into the destructive lifestyle that led earlier problems. The action heats up as it becomes apparent that there is more going on then a simple double homicide or a random act of violence against an attorney in this brilliantly conceived tale.

The antagonism between Bosch and Haller maintains a nice level of tension even as the two find themselves working together in an attempt to find Vincent’s murderer. The courtroom drama, a couple of ex-wives and tantalizing hints at police corruption all contribute to this well crafted murder mystery that will leave fans anxiously awaiting more.

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