Book Review: Border Moonlight

After Lady Sibylla Cavers left three grooms standing at the alter, her father swore he would no longer work at arranging a suitable match, a decision that suited her just fine. In service to Princess Isabel, Sibylla was on her own recovering from a prolonged illness when she spotted a child drowning in the river Tweed. Rescuing the little girl would have been impossible had it not been for the able assistance of some men who were riding nearby. Sibylla was astonished when she realized her rescuer was none other Lord Simon, one of the grooms she spurned. For his part, Lord Simon was amazed to discover his vow of making Sibylla pay for his humiliation might finally come to fruition.

Neither expected the strong attraction that flared to life between them but as Fife, the governor of Scotland begins pursuing his power quest in earnest, they have more immediate concerns to worry about. Lord Simon will have to trust in Sibylla’s independent spirit and intelligence if he is to defend the people and land he loves.

Scott’s fiftieth novel features a confident, inquisitive heroine standing shoulder to shoulder with a surprisingly sensitive man considering the cold figure he projected at first. Political intrigue, ongoing border disputes, a wayward child and controlling parents contribute to this entertaining historical romance series.

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