Book Review: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered by Maggie Shayne

Three previously released paranormal romances are gathered in this entertaining collection. “Everything She Does is Magick” is a lighthearted tale of three meddling, matchmaking witches. It’s up to them to make certain a prophecy comes to life and towards that end an unsuspecting man must be kept a virgin until he fathers the greatest witch ever. Naturally no red blooded male is going to be thrilled when all his efforts to get laid backfire so he eventually searches out the aid of a beautiful doctor, the same woman he picked on unmercifully throughout school. What follows is a romp through human nature with a bit of witchcraft thrown in for good measure.

Following the witchcraft vein, “Musketeer by Moonlight” opens as a private detective is trying to figure out how to elude a gangster bent upon grabbing her off the street and seeing to it she never sees the light of day again. The heroine flees to her witch aunt, the only safe haven she can think of. While pondering her situation on All Hollows Eve, she reads an incantation that brings an honest to goodness Musketeer to her rescue. It’s a clash of values and a matter of honor as they team up to eliminate the gangster’s threat.

 A slick con man offers up a wish, a prayer for deliverance from certain death in “The Con and the Crusader.” He ends up with a great deal more then wished for when he finds himself part of a group of prisoners bound for jail in the 1800’s. A widow in need of a farm hand invokes an old law that allows her to pick a prisoner to wed. It seemed like a perfect solution to her problems as she struggles to secure her farm while keeping her heart free from entanglements. Like most carefully laid plans, things frequently work out quite differently as the conman and widow soon find out.

This collection shows why Shayne has several bestsellers to her credit, well defined characters and strong plotlines plus a touch of humor make for light, engaging reads.

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