Book Review: Bet You Didn’t Know

Ever wonder what percentage of Americans plan to work in retirement, the average age fundamentalist Protestants lose their virginity or how many poor households own a color television? Look no further as author and demographer Cheryl Russell has compiled a fascinating set of statistics that reveal a great deal about the country, its people and their living conditions. Yet for all the data, this is an enlightening and entertaining read that grabs the reader’s attention with insightful essays, usually 300 words or less, that distill important issues down to the basics. It illustrates the continuing erosion of reason and scientific fact in favor of religious fervor, increasing apathy in lue of action and a deteriorating quality of life that should serve as a gentle wakeup call. Each page holds a surprise, some good; some bad and each one more interesting then the last. Inquiring minds won’t want to miss this one.


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