Book Review: Ask the Parrot

This entertaining tale picks up in the tracks of the botched bank robbery from Stark’s 2004 “Nobody Runs Forever” with Parker mere steps ahead of the police dogs. Assistance appears from the Massachusetts timber in the form of disgruntled whistle blower Tom Lindahl, apparently out hunting rabbits. Embittered Lindahl lost everything when he alerted authorities to a money laundering operation at the track he managed. Living as a recluse with a mute parrot for company, he’s had plenty of time to think about a payback and with Parker’s abilities; Lindahl sees a way of finally getting his revenge by pulling off a heist when the track’s vault is full.

Naturally, things begin to come apart as Parker learns the hard way that nothing happens in a small town without someone finding out about it. In a comedy of errors and nosey neighbors, Parker finds Lindahl’s simple plan to be anything but in this fast paced, lively adventure that leaves readers routing for the bad guys. 


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